Our Core 4

We believe that faith, love, community, and craftsmanship are the pillars of our existence, and we strive to infuse these “Core 4” into every aspect of our business. From giving back to local organizations to impacting underserved communities, we are driven by a greater purpose – to be a blessing to others and change how people think about helping people.


Faith is the cornerstone of our core values. We believe that with unwavering faith, we can achieve remarkable things and make a lasting impact on the lives of others. Our commitment to our community and our craft is an expression of our faith. This faith not only fuels our passion but also inspires us to serve others with love and compassion, embodying the spirit of Christ in all we do.


Love is more than just a word; it’s a conviction that permeates every facet of our business. We pour our love into every batch of coffee we roast, but it goes far beyond the beans – it's the love for our team, our partners, our customers, and our community that drives us. With love as our guide, we believe in creating not just coffee but moments of connection and joy.


Fostering a strong sense of community is at the heart of our business because we understand that our impact extends far beyond a cup of coffee. We believe it is our responsibility to make the world a better place by supporting local organizations and helping those in our community who are struggling with addiction, journeying through recovery, and experiencing homelessness.


Great coffee begins and ends with craftsmanship. And our coffee isn’t just great – it’s life-changing. We meticulously select our coffee beans from ethical sources and expertly roast each of these unique offerings onsite. Every delightful sip delivers a story of craftsmanship and respect for the coffee's journey from farm to your morning brew.