The Recovery Blanket Testimony

Our friend, Debbie, crochets all of our recovery blankets by hand to help addicts embark on a difficult journey she knows all too well.

Debbie’s dark journey into the throes of addiction didn’t begin until her daughter turned 18. After trying meth, she quickly became ensnared by its grip, leading her down a path she never could have imagined. For over five years, she struggled in vain to achieve sobriety. It was only when a compassionate customer at the diner where she worked extended a helping hand, allowing her to detox, that she experienced a profound transformation. This moment marked the beginning of Debbie's healing journey, guided by her faith in God.

Recognizing the need for a fresh start, Debbie knew she had to leave California to maintain her newfound sobriety. God led her to Oklahoma City, where her heart was renewed. As a way to keep her hands busy, she started crocheting and discovered her purpose and passion.

Over the years, Debbie has crafted and donated nearly a thousand blankets to various causes, from the homeless to nursing home residents to hospitalized children who can’t go home during Christmas. Today, she uses her gift to provide comfort and financial support to people in their first month in sober living, when the road to sobriety is at its rockiest.

Debbie's story stands as a testament to the boundless grace of God and the profound impact one person can have by sharing their gifts to bring hope to those who need it most.

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