5 easy steps for making an outstanding cold brew coffee

  • By Bradley Carter
5 easy steps for making an outstanding cold brew coffee

Do you love an iced coffee, but sometimes find it a bit bitter or watery in taste? Well, there is solution for that. Cold brew coffee. It's a perfect way to refresh and rejuvenate on those warm summer days while enjoying that wonderful coffee taste you so enjoy.

Cold brew coffee tends to be smoother, stronger and can pack quite a punch of flavor — even flavors you may not taste when you brew coffee the traditional, drip-brewed method.

How to brew cold brew coffee

Here's how to make a wonderfully refreshing batch of cold brew in just a few easy steps — plus a bonus recipe for our "Sweet 'n Creamy" cold brew coffee preparation.

Here's what you need:

12 ounces fresh roasted coffee coarsely ground (Buy our Mocha Java blend here)
1 gallon brewing vessel with filter (You can buy one here).
1 gallon filtered water
Space in your refrigerator
24 hours

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So let's get started.

Get some freshly roasted coffee
We recommend you use freshly roasted coffee, as most of the big brand coffee in the stores is many months, if not year or more, past its roast date. By then, coffee has long lost much of its most distinctive and enjoyable flavors. That's why we say buy fresh so you can get the most enjoyment out of your brew.

Shameless Plug: If you don't know of a good, freshly roasted coffee to use for your cold brew, we recommend you try our Mocha Java blend — described by some of our cold brewing fans as "so smooth, so dad gum good, you don't need sugar."

Course grind your coffee
You can either grind your coffee at home or order it ground, but make sure it's coursely ground so the coffee doesn't clog up your brewer's filter.

Fun fact: Unless you plan on using your coffee right away, to preserve its freshness it's always best to order your coffee whole bean and only grind your coffee when and as you need it.

Add the coffee to the filter
Once your coffee is ground, add it to your cold brewer's catch/strainer. For making 1 gallon of cold brew, you will need 12 ounces of coffee.

Add water
Pour 1 gallon of cold water into the brewer. We recommend using filtered water to get the best flavor. Unfiltered tap water may taste of chlorine and nobody wants to taste that in their homemade cold brew coffee. 

Refrigerate and wait
Set your cold brew in the refrigerator and wait 24 hours. At the end of that time, it's best to take the coffee grounds out of the filter, otherwise your cold brew coffee will start to take on a more bitter taste.

Now that your homemade cold brew is ready, pour yourself a cup and enjoy! Make sure to store it in the fridge and use it within 5-7 days or it will start to turn. 

You can drink it black and poured over ice, which is great, or you can try our "Sweet 'n Creamy" recipe below to get a great cup of cold brew that is ... well ... sweet and creamy.

Our "Sweet 'n Creamy" cold brew coffee recipe

Here's what you need:

Fresh cold brew coffee (a real shocker, huh?)
Glass (just because your drink will look prettier in a glass)
Ice (however much you like)
4 teaspoons sugar
2 fluid ounces half-and-half

Add however much ice you want to your glass. Then add the sugar and half and half over the ice. Finally, pour your cold brew coffee over the top of the ice and fill to your heart's content. While this is a good base, you may want to add more sugar or cream to adjust to your taste. Enjoy!   

We hope you find these instructions helpful and your cold brew delightful. Drink up from your coffee cup! 



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