Introducing Coffee Subscriptions: No remembering. No lists. Just coffee.

  • By Bradley Carter
Introducing Coffee Subscriptions: No remembering. No lists. Just coffee.

Is buying or ordering coffee another item on your to-do list? Is it one of those things so easy to forget and put off until one morning you go to make a pot and discover you’re out?

Chances are, you probably said yes. We’ve all done it. We’re all human.

What if there was a way to just have your bags of fresh, expertly-roasted coffee come to you so you don’t have to think about it? You just always have your coffee when you need it. No lists. No remembering. No finger ties. No to-dos. No sweat. Just the sweet, steaming goodness of everything that is coffee, ready and waiting for you and your mug.

Well, good news! There is a way!

Coffee Subscription Service made Simple

 We have just made coffee subscription service available via our website. It’s super easy — just 5 easy steps! Here they are:

Choose Subscribe & Save 10%
Simply navigate to your favorite coffee on our website. Once to that page, at the top of the page you will see an option for “One-time purchase” and below that “Subscribe & Save (10%)”. Select “Subscribe & Save (10%)”.

Select how often you want your coffee
When you select “Subscribe & Save”, another option will appear asking you how often you would like the coffee ordered, the options being 30 days, 14 days or 60 days.

Choose your desired coffee grind level & quantity
After making your selection, scroll down to choose whole bean or your grind level and your desired quantity you want delivered with each shipment and click “Add to Cart”. When you are ready to check out, click “Cart” at the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Begin check out
At the resulting page, confirm your order and click “Check out” at which point you’ll be taken to a page where you fill out your shipping and contact info and click “Continue”.

Choose shipping method (Pick-up or ship)
Now you can select whether you want to pick up your order at our store, Self-Pickup, here in Bethany (You will receive a notification via text or email when your order is ready) or to have it shipped USPS Priority or USPS Priority Mail Express. After that and after adding your credit card and billing address information, select “Place my order”.


It's that easy. Now you’ll be able to cross coffee off your to-do list. No remembering. No worries. Just coffee.

Oh, and as you saw, getting a coffee subscription saves you 10 percent on the original purchase price!




About G4C

Grounds 4 Compassion is an Oklahoma City-based company focused on providing freshly roasted quality coffee for our customers and investing back into our community. Our goal is ultimately to help improve our community and our world as we endeavor to make a good cup of coffee.

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